image-1closetIs your closet overflowing with clothes that you no longer wear?

Are you tired of not being able to find the right outfit?

Do you need to buy a new house because you do not have any more closet

When all you need to do is…


Closet Glam by Miriam will create a GLAM environment that enables you to function better in your everyday life.  Closet Glam helps busy professionals and families, who want to organize their homes and lives, so that you have more TIME to ENJOY life. You will feel more focused with more time and energy for the things you love!

The benefits are well worth the investment.

Closet Glam Services:

  • Master & Bedroom Closets
  • Linen Closets
  • Pantry & Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Laundry Room
  • Play Room
  • Home Office

Bringing Out Your Inner Glam One Closet at a Time.

Closet Glam Styling Service:

Miriam has 25 years of expertise in Retail Management in men’s and women’s apparel.  Her passion for fashion and keen eye for detail will make the connection between you and your closet.  Whether you would like to add 1 item or 20 items to your wardrobe, Miriam will make it easier by identifying trends, gauging outfits, and developing overall looks that work for you.


For busy women on the go

A personal shopper (PS), also known as a stylist in some circles, is the liaison between you and your closet. His job is to make the connection between man and wardrobe easier by identifying trends, gauging fit, and developing overall looks that work for you. The goal is to give the client the proper tools to dress himself (and to help with buying gifts for others, even if that means remembering your loved ones’ birthdays). And let’s be honest: He’s selling clothes, too, and getting either a commission or a bonus based on sales.